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Our Team

Eric Fegraus

Eric is the Senior Director of Conservation Technology at Conservation International. He has over 15 years of experience in platform development, system architecture, data management, computer vision, biodiversity informatics, and analytical databases and tools. Eric is responsible for overseeing the product requirements and development of the platform.  He is generally interested in how we can utilize technology to achieve scalable, technology-based solutions to conservation problems.

MSc Environmental Science and Management (2003)
Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California at Santa Barbara. 

Dr. Michael Tlusty

Dr. Michael Tlusty is our Technical Expert and Associate Professor of Sustainability and Food Solutions at the School for Environment University of Massachusetts Boston. Michael has worked for the past decade to understand the aquarium trade and developed a robust database that is publicly accessible and easy to use ( His 2012 paper on import of marine fish into the US has been cited over 154 times, and viewed over 26,720 times on the PlosOne website. NOAA has repeatedly cited the data in biological assessments.

Ph.D. in Biology (1996)
Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York  

Dr. Andrew Rhyne

Dr. Andrew Rhyne is our Technical Expert and Associate Professor of marine Biology at Roger Williams University. Andrew is a leading expert on wildlife trafficking, working with the fish/aquarium sector and played a leading role developing the prototype software to scan shipment documents for the USAID Wildlife Crime Challenge.

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (2006)
Department of Biology, Florida Institute of Technology 

Dr. Robert Jacobson

Dr. Robert Jacobson is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the Feinstein School of Social and Natural Sciences at Roger Williams University. Robert is a leading researcher in complex analysis.    

Jessica Baillie

Jessica Baillie is Wildlife Trade and Technology Advisor to Conservation International.