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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide government and industry cutting-edge technology solutions to increase detection of Illegal Wildlife Trafficking.

A Solution for More Effective and Legal Wildlife
Trade Around the World.  

Illegal wildlife trade (IWT) is the fourth largest criminal industry in the world after narcotics, counterfeiting and human trafficking. IWT is a 23 billion dollar criminal industry that is driving the extinction of wild species. The legal pet trade in live wildlife and marine species is regularly used to transport illegally traded live species. Distinguishing between legal and illegal wildlife is complex, timely and at times dangerous. This is compounded by the high volumes of legal pet trade making it impossible to hand inspect every shipment. For example, London Heathrow handles over 28 million live species per year, equating to 77,000 individuals per day. Our technology provides government officials and the transport industry with a powerful tool to increase the detection of illegal wildlife trade whilst enabling the legal pet trade to function more efficiently.

Heathrow Airport Processing 28 Million Live Species Per Year